Microdosing Cannabis

Sparking New Trends Through Microdosing with Cannabis

Sparking New Trends Through Microdosing with Cannabis

Marijuana’s new-found freedom in many states is sparking trends in various consumption techniques. The latest one is microdosing cannabis.

Marijuana Microdosing - St. Albert & The LSD Revelation Revolution, by Alex Grey, 2006, 24 x 30 in. Oil on wood panel. www.alexgrey.comMicrodosing is now growing in popularity with adult use of marijuana. The Swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hofmann, is credited, among other things, with the method of microdosing. His method, involving low, almost imperceptible doses of a substance, has carried over into the rapidly-growing world of cannabis.

Gizmodo, Huffington Post and even Rolling Stonehave recently written about this new method. It’s also being studied in mice, to understand the effects of microdosing THC and CBD, the two main compounds in marijuana.

A recently published study in the journal Nature Medicine, found increased cognitive functions and abilities in older mice when compared to a placebo group of mice. The mice were subjected to memory and recognition tests before and after receiving a mouse-sized microdose of THC and CBD. The results were intriguing.

In summary, after microdosing, the brain function of the older mice looked very similar to the brain function of the younger mice that did not microdose.  However, improvements in the younger mice that microdosed were not observed. This suggests that the THC and CBD are influencing the portion of the brain that begins to deteriorate with age. More research must be done to understand microdosing on a profound level, but the initial findings are encouraging.

But let’s take the lab coats off for a second and talk about the real world. People are reporting positive effects in their lives, with smaller doses of cannabis. With a little trial and error, many people are finding the right dose and the right combination of THC and CBD to give them the results they are looking for. Anecdotally, it’s common for people to comment on increased creativity, less anxiety, more drive and more energy, just to name a few.

How do I Start Microdosing Cannabis?

Microdosing with CannabisTo find the right dose for you, experts recommend abstaining for at least 48 hours to reset your tolerance and your endocannabinoid system.

Start with just 2.5 mg of THC and/or CBD. Stillwater Teas (in 2.5 mg doses of THC) from The Farm is a good way to ensure you’re getting accurate dosage. The Farm also offers tinctures from Mary’s Medicinals and Marqaha Agave, to start your microdosing experiment.

If there is no major change in your mood, behavior or physical state after 45 minutes (typical for most people), increase your dose by 1 mg. Over the course of a few days, slowly increase your dosage until you reach the point of feeling a noticeable difference after dosing. At that point, you have discovered your customized microdose. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the herb we love without feeling “high” all day.

The trick here is to make sure you start out slow and take small, measured doses. Remember, this will take some trial and error, so the key is to be self-aware and patient.

Finding the Right Product

Working with the experts at The Farm, you can find the right cannabis-infused product, strain and/or THC:CBD blend to help you reach the perfect microdosing balance you’re looking for. Our precisely measured products will help you get it dialed.

In addition to the teas and tinctures mentioned above, The Farm carries several brands of fine chocolates, such as 1906 and Coda, Strawberry 1:1 CBD:THC Sour Gummies by Wana, as well as infused beverages from CannaPunch. Though these products typically come in 5 mg or 10 mg doses, they may be rationed into smaller 2.5 mg doses to approximate the microdosing protocol, described above.

Microdosing with Craft CannabisFinally, if inhaling cannabis vapor is not out of the question for you, we also recommend trying IndigoPro vaping cartridges. Though not a traditional microdosing method, you can gauge the effect of inhaling the Harmonia (1:1 CBD:THC) or The Remedy (30:1 CBD:THC) craft cannabis oils, by taking in only one pull of the vaporizer, then waiting a full 15 minutes, then repeating until you reach the desired effect. Want to learn more about all of The Farm’s edible menu offerings, complete with milligram denominations? Check out our Online Marijuana Store here.

Many experts agree that it can be difficult to find the right ratio and dosage when purchasing products containing THC and CBD. We are committed to making sure our products are of the highest quality and compliantly labeled, so as you begin your microdosing protocol, you can easily track what does or does not work for you. Additionally, you may want to download the powerful Releaf App, which helps to track the effects of each session during your dosing exploration.

Finding the Right Device

While most users like to microdose with edibles or tinctures, you can also try using vaporizers as they provide you with a lighter hit than compared to combustion. Vaping dry herb has been observed and respected to be safer than combustion although not scientifically proven yet. Our staff has seen good results and if you're interested in this we've ranked the best portable dry herb vaporizers for this purpose.

There is still a lot of exciting research that must happen to clearly define the boundaries of microdosing. But so far, the studies are promising. Details about how vast the therapeutic compounds of cannabis are and their influence on the endocannabinoid system are incredibly promising, and we believe the future is burning bright.

Check out The Health Benefits of Cannabis for some insights into the uses of various cannabinoids found to date.

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